Un-Encapsulated EPS Blocks for Commerical Work Barges

Un-encapsulated EPS blocks are not only used for residential floating docks. They are also used for commercial work barges. This particular barge was constructed for a large scale oyster planting operation in North Carolina. Four separate work barges were constructed 16′ wide x 32′ long using 16 blocks of .9 lb density EPS 24”x 45” x 192”. They were then tied together to create a 32′ x 64′ platform. The EPS is covered with Mirafi®, a nonwoven geotextile, to protect the EPS from barnacle and other underwater growth. This allows the owner to brush any growth off the Mirafi® without any damage to the EPS. The barge is loaded up with oysters and towed to the planting areas where they are deposited and allowed to mature. Each section will hold 15 cubic yards of oysters.

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