EPS Insulation

There are hundreds of uses for EPS foam sheets. EPS and STYROFOAM Brand Foam have excellent R-values making it perfect insulation for interior and exterior walls, roofing, and under slab & subfloors. With a variety of laminate options, you can chose the right solution for your construction project.

Foam insulation offers superior thermal performance. Have a FREE consult with our Foam Insulation experts to discuss your requirements and find the right solution.

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Concrete Block Insulation

If you are getting ready to build a new home, now you can take your 8" block concrete block wall from R-1.11 to R-13.5 and it is simple and inexpensive.

Simply by having your masonry contractor place EPS insulation blocks inside the cavities of the concrete block as they are installed you can increase the insulation for your concrete block wall by 12 times. Here is how it works.

Concrete Block Insulation
Concrete Block Insulation

An 8" hollow concrete block (the type used for most concrete block walls) only has an R-Value of 1.11. EPS insulation blocks that are 5" thick have an R-value of R-20.5 or greater. Simply by placing the EPS blocks inside the concrete block voids while the foundation wall is being built, that R-1.11 insulation value for the block wall is turned into an average of R-13.53.

It is simple. It is inexpensive. And the best part is that the EPS insulation blocks are available from over 100 locations nationwide through Universal Foam Products, the innovator in energy reducing home insulation products.

If you are adding brick to your concrete block wall you can increase the insulation value by an additional R-4 by having your masonry contractor install EPS wall panels in the airspace between the block and the brick.

If your project requires that you use 10" or 12" concrete block your additional R-Value will be much greater. See the chart below. ``

Block Size Block R-Value EPS Size EPS R-Value Blended R-Value
8" Concrete Block 1.11 5 x 5 x 7.625 20.85 13.53
10" Concrete Block 1.2 5 x 7.25 x 7.625 27.91 17.83
12" Concrete Block 1.28 5 x 9 x 7.625 34.65 21.92

Concrete Block Insulation Calculator

To get a budget price on your project you can use our online calculator or you can call Universal Foam Products and let one of our insulation professionals provide a custom quote.

Consult with your local building official prior to purchasing EPS insulation blocks. Blended R-Value was determined using the same method used by mechanical contractors to calculating heat loss when sizing HVAC equipment.

Laminate Options

1 Mil Polyethylene is applied to the EPS sheet where moisture is a concern. In an area where there is a high concentration of moisture in the soil, panels with 1 mil polyethylene, are typically used to provide a moisture barrier, The poly can be applied to one side or both sides of the panel.

Reflective Mylar is applied to panels where a higher R-Value is desired by reflecting heat back into a house. For the Mylar to be effective it should be facing towards the inside of the house and should be between 3/8' and 1' away any surface to allow the air to reflect back into the space.

FRP Laminated Panels are used for a variety of applications including walk-in coolers, clean rooms and public restrooms. The FRP (fiberglass reinforced panel) is a rigid, scrubable, fire resistant panel that is easy to maintain. EPS contributes insulation and sound deadening properties. Panels are available laminated on one side or both sides.

Roof Insulation

Roof and Wall insulation
Roof and Wall insulation

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is one of the leading materials used for roofing insulation in commercial buildings with flat roofs. It is typically used combining flat panels to establish the required R-Value, and tapered panels to channel the flow of water towards roof drains or scuppers. It can also be used in conjunction with other insulation materials, just to create the tapers, with the other flat materials creating the R-Value.

EPS is also used to retrofit existing commercial buildings with additional insulation. Due to its light weight and rigidity, EPS panels can easily be installed between trusses in an existing roof. Pieces can be pre-cut at the factory to accommodate the spacing of the trusses.

The panels are also used in residential construction with both gable and hip roofs. When a cathedral ceiling is required, EPS panels can be placed between the exposed tongue and groove finished ceiling and the OSB or plywood roof creating a well insulated and tight roof. This application is typically found in contemporary home and log home construction.

Tapered Insulation


EPS is the most widely used tapered insulation on the market. The different densities available make it the best product to use under a standard roofing finish or a concrete slab. Even in roofing applications where polyisocyanurate is used for the roof insulation due to its higher R-Value, EPS is typically used to create the crickets because of its lower cost.

With the heavier densities of EPS, concrete can be installed over a continuous tapered area to provide proper drainage to a upper level parking deck. In the case of severely heavy loading, lightweight EPS tapers, used strictly as void fill, can be separated to allow for stem walls to be created supporting a structural slab. See the attached photos showing this application


STYROFOAM Brand Foam Block Insulation
STYROFOAM Brand Foam Block Insulation

Extruded Polystyrene Wall Insulation

We also supply STYROFOAM Brand DECKMATE & ROOFMATE Insulation Extruded Polystyrene used for commercial and residential roofing insulation applications. There are several STYROFOAM Brand Foam roof insulation products for specialized roofing applications:

STYROFOAM™ DECKMATE™ - a Type X extruded polystyrene product designed for use in conventional low-slope roof applications. It can be installed directly on structural steel decks beneath a sheet membrane or a standing seam metal roof, eliminating the need for a thermal barrier such as gypsum board.

STYROFOAM™ DECKMATE™ Plus - a Type IV extruded polystyrene product designed for use on conventional roofs beneath mechanically fastened, fully adhered or ballasted sheet membranes. It can be used on built-up, modified bituminous and metal roofs, and installed directly on a steel deck without the use of a thermal barrier such as gypsum board.

STYROFOAM™ DECKMATE™ Plus FA - designed for use in fully adhered conventional low-slope roof applications. The Type IV extruded polystyrene insulation boards can be installed directly on structural steel decks beneath a non-bituminous sheet membrane, eliminating the need for a thermal barrier. DECKMATE Plus FA is available in flat and tapered board stock.

STYROFOAM™ ROOFMATE™ - with 1/2" x 1/4" drainage channels on the bottom long edge, it’s designed for installation above waterproofing or roofing membranes in protected membrane roof (PMR) applications. This Type VI extruded polystyrene insulation helps keep the membrane at a more steady temperature, minimizing the effects of weathering, freeze-thaw cycles and damage during and after construction.

STYROFOAM™ Ribbed ROOFMATE™ - has corrugated ribs on the top of the insulation and 1/2" x 1/4" drainage channels on the bottom long edge of each board. The Type VI extruded polystyrene board is designed for installation above waterproofing or roofing membranes in protected membrane roof (PMR) applications that use pavers or patio stones as ballast. Pavers can be installed directly over the ribbed foam surface without the need for pedestals.

Under Slab

In areas with cold winters, EPS panels are used to insulate under slabs and the perimeter of foundations. Because EPS is available in a variety of different densities with different compression strengths, the material can accommodate any design load requirements from a residential basement to an industrial warehouse floor with concentrated loads. A typical application would be a floor with hydronic heating where insulating below the heat system is critical to its economical operation.


STYROFOAM™ Brand FREEZERMATE™ Extruded Polystyrene Subfloor Insulation


STYROFOAM™ Brand FREEZERMATE™ Insulation is specially designed for use as subfloor thermal insulation in low temperature applications. It can also be used in most static and dynamic loading situations for flooring applications. Because the rigid foam insulation boards resist even severe forms of moisture penetration in freezer and cooler construction, they offer long-term R-values far superior to other types of thermal insulation. FREEZERMATE is a Type IV extruded polystyrene foam product.

Wall Insulation

EPS Wall Insulation Sheets
EPS Wall Insulation Sheets

The reason EPS is such a good insulating material is the millions of air pockets which are formed when the blocks are molded. These pockets impede the flow of heat, making EPS an excellent insulator — keeping things cool in the summer and warm in the winter. High quality EPS wall insulation is available in a variety of sizes.

Sheets of EPS are used to insulate the inside or outside of foundations. The material can come into direct contact with the earth without any degradation over time. Sheets can be installed on the outside of wall framing or between the studs as is currently being done in areas where flooding has become routine. Unlike fiberglass insulation, EPS absorbs very little moisture and as soon as the source is removed will dry out completely and quickly.

Panels are available in thicknesses from 3/8" and up. They are available un-faced or laminated with 1-mil polyethylene film or metalized poly reflective film depending upon the application.

STYROFOAM™ Brand Extruded Polystyrene Wall Insulation

STYROFOAM Brand Foam Blue Board Insulation
STYROFOAM Brand Foam Blue Board Insulation

We also provide STYROFOAM Brand Extruded Polystyrene Insulation for exterior and interior wall insulation. This specific brand of foam, which is often referred to as "blue board," is used in a wide variety of construction applications.

Blue board products have unique properties which make it the ideal choice for special application uses. When very high compression strength or very high R-values are needed, STYROFOAM Brand Insulation is the perfect solution. These extruded polystyrene products carry a 15-year limited thermal warranty from Dow.

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