EPS Geofoam Blocks Used in Bridge Construction

EPS 15 Geofoam Pre-cut Blocks

Over 600 pre-cut blocks of EPS15 geofoam were used in this bridge project on Interstate 88 over Rt. 23 in De Kalb, IL. The project design required certain areas of the bridge to be filled in with a lightweight material and EPS15 Geofoam was selected by the engineer. EPS15 weighs less than 1 lb per cubic foot and has a compression strength of 520 lbs/sf at 1% deformation. Other uses for EPS15 geofoam include highway construction, tiered seating for theaters, churches and lecture halls, void fill under raised slabs, swimming pool construction, and retaining wall back fill. EPS geofoam densities range from just under a pound per cubic foot to just under 3 lbs per cubic foot with compression strengths up to 2,680 lbs/sf at 1% deformation, making it an ideal fill for many construction projects.

EPS 15 Geofoam Blocks
EPS 15 Geofoam used in Bridge Construction
EPS 15 Geofoam Bridge Project

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