Is EPS on Your Sourcing List for Formwork Materials?

Is EPS on your sourcing list for formwork materials?

Just a few years ago, trade magazine articles on ‘types of formwork materials’ would just be talking about traditional materials: timber, steel or plywood.

Today, the benefits of EPS Geofoam are being regularly seen and acknowledged as a way to make real changes in a construction schedule. Changes that can really shave weeks off a significant project; some estimates see traditional formwork construction taking up 20/25% of overall construction time. With EPS foam, that labor and cost saving start right away; from formwork that is all designed offsite to an easier site schedule with less lifting and handling required.

“I think the EPS was a good choice. It saved a tremendous amount of carpenter work.” Project Engineer, Bridge Construction Project

“EPS it made this particularly complicated piece of work very simple.” First time user of EPS formwork – Universal Foam Products customer

Where does EPS win out over other types of formwork materials?

Formwork design

Formwork design takes some time regardless of material chosen but working with an EPS design team means additional input and advice to complete all the formwork design off-site for you. An experienced EPS expert will work with your engineers to develop the best solution. A start date for construction can be agreed knowing formwork is already complete. EPS is cut to meet exact engineering specifications and changes and additions are all relatively easy to make – particularly adding curves and radiuses.

Set-up on site

Saved set-up time and associated labor is one of the most significant time savers when using EPS. Fewer truckloads of lumber and steel are required and EPS can be put into place whatever the weather and site conditions. EPS formwork won’t warp or distort if left in wet conditions, unlike timber. If designed to do so, EPS formwork pieces can be re-used and are stored easily on site.

Removing formwork and shuttering

Removal of large steel structures after concrete pouring can almost be as labor intensive and time consuming as setting them up. EPS formwork can be removed with minimal interference to the other infrastructure being constructed around it.

Final surface finish

EPS’s performance advantage is clear as soon as the formwork is removed – a smooth surface finish without rivet marks. Achieving a smooth finish with timber, plywood and other sheathing materials is possible but not without a lot of extra time taken in the set-up process. Columns and curved support pieces can all be achieved with a smooth, regular finish.

Universal Foam Products provides EPS form liners throughout the United States and Canada shipping from dozens of locations nationwide. Ask us about both EPS formwork and also secant forms – another EPS civil engineering application where we can deliver expert knowledge and service.

“I worked with Universal on an order and can tell you that this was a great experience. The follow-up was tremendous! Quick responses, proactive calls - even a call to verify the material had been received.”