Metal Deck Flute Fillers

Flute fillers made of lightweight recycled expanded polystyrene (EPS) are used in both bridge and roof construction for different reasons.

Flute fillers ship from locations throughout the United States.

Roof Deck Flute Fillers

In commercial roof construction, the EPS flute filler serves two separate purposes. By filling the flutes in roof decking, the rigid insulation above is not spanning 10” or 12” or more of metal decking void. Secondly, the EPS flute fillers increase the overall R-Value of the roof, increasing energy efficiency.

Bridge Deck Flute Fillers

In bridge construction, trapezoid shaped pieces of EPS are placed in the flutes of the metal decking to decrease the weight of the bridge. A typical flute filler with a profile that displaces 123 cubic inches of concrete per lineal foot will reduce the weight of the structure by 10.68 lbs per lineal foot per flute. A recent project that used 2,000 pounds of EPS flute fillers displaced 343,000 pounds of concrete.

Customer Projects

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