EPS Foam for Metal Building Insulation

9 lb density expanded polystyrene (EPS) is the most economical rigid

insulation available. It has the same R-Value per inch as fiberglass insulation but in rigid sheet form. The owner of this metal building in Crosby, Texas wanted R-13 insulation for the roof of his shop to help maintain a level of comfort year round. The EPS panels have an R-Value of 4.35 per inch. In order to eliminate waste and speed up the installation, the 120 EPS panels were delivered precut to 3” x 48” x 57” so they would rest on the flanges of the I-beams. The same thing can be done to insulate side walls, by cutting the EPS panels to fit between the purlins.

The owner installed the panels himself and was very pleased with the outcome. He said “I am really pleased with the outcome. Made a big difference inside in feel and AC keeps up better. Thanks for the help.”

“We greatly appreciate Universal Foam Products' service and pricing. The material has always been delivered quickly and in excellent condition. It is nice to know that there are still companies in our industry that can offer a reliable product, great customer service, and low prices.”