EPS Blocks Have Been Used in Floating Docks, Houses and Swim Platforms

Floating Project in Baker, LA

Floating House

20 Foot Long Platform

1.5 lb density EPS block


EPS blocks have been used in the construction of floating docks, houses and swim platforms for many years. A 12” x 12” x 12”block of 1 lb density EPS will float in excess of 55 lbs of weight making it the ideal product for a variety of floatation applications including docks, floating work platforms and specialized floating transport devices.

One of our customers in Baker, LA builds floating shelters. The structures are not houseboats designed to cruise but are designed to be docked at least on a semi-permanent basis. Using 1.5 lb density EPS blocks 24” x 36” x 192” and also 24” x 36” x 240” he is able to construct shelters on platforms up to 20’ long. The fronts of the blocks, which become pontoons, are tapered so that if the homes do need to be towed to their destination they will move through the water easily. They are typically used as vacation homes and hunting camps.

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