EPS Foam for Swimming Pool Construction

EPS Geofoam is the preferred void fill material for swimming pool construction in new multistory buildings. The geofoam, in flat and tapered panels, is used to create the slope at the bottom of the pool as well as steps and raised platform areas. If the finished pool is going to be smaller than the “tub” first constructed, the EPS Geofoam is also used to fill the spaces to reduce the length and width of the pool. EPS Geofoam has a good compression strength and is 100 times lighter than other fill material such as stone and organic fill. For this pool in Huntington Beach, CA, on the fourth floor of the Huntington Beach Apartments, EPS22 was used.

When circumstances change and owners of a multistory building determine that the swimming pool is no longer needed, EPS Geofoam is also the material used to fill the pool before pouring a concrete slab to repurpose the space. Using this method, the space can be converted to another use without adding any additional weight to the structure.

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