Secant Pile Forms

Secant walls are deep overlapping concrete cylinders reinforced with rebar cages or steel I-beam to create a deep foundation or wall system with minimal disturbance to the surrounding area and no damage to close proximity property lines.

Universal’s EPS secant forms simplify the process and reduce the cost of laying out and drilling secant walls. Depending upon the overall size of the cylinders required, forms are often provided in groups of 2, 3 or more overlapping cylinders per form. EPS guide forms can be of any diameter and depth required. The EPS forms can be drilled out after the concrete guides are completed, or, if there are environmental concerns they can be removed prior to the drilling process.

Universal can provide excel spreadsheets to assist engineers in the design of secant walls allowing them to develop a layout quickly and accurately for any given application. Some site conditions that would indicate secant wall consideration are:

  • Difficult soil conditions

  • Foundations up against property line

  • Wet soil conditions

  • Extremely deep foundations

Secant walls are also used in dam and subway construction as well as certain marine applications. Universal’s secant forms are shipped from locations throughout the United States and Canada.

How Secant Walls Are Built

Customer Projects

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