How Do You Build a Floating Dock?

Most people building a floating dock construct it the same way you build a stationary deck on land. Depending upon the size, it can be framed using pressure treated lumber ranging from 2x4s to 2x10s spaced 16” on center to over 24” on center. The floats can be installed below the joists or can be placed in between the joists. Universal Foam Products has provided both encapsulated floats and un-encapsulated floats for hundreds of docks and swim platforms throughout the United States and Canada.

Floats can be plain EPS (expanded polystyrene) blocks or Top Mount and Flange Mount encapsulated floats, depending upon local codes and restrictions. We can assist in helping you determine what will work best for your project.

This customer in Mechanicville, NY constructed a dock on a private lake using 12 precut blocks of 1 lb density EPS to construct his dock. Universal can assist in the design of your dock to make sure it sits out of the water at the level you want.

“The one thing I have found is that Universal is the one constant in our business. They seem to always deliver when I'm in a crunch and don't have the luxury of time. Thank you for all you do and rest assured Universal is a viable part of our business.”