Encapsulated Formex Floats Used in Floating Home

Floating cabins are popular in a number of southern states but no place are they more popular than in southern Louisiana. For this floating cabin in Atchafalaya Basin on Grand Lake, Louisiana the owner started by building a 16’ x 48’ deck out of pressure treated 2×12 lumber attaching it to 18 top mount encapsulated Formex floats. The FF3624-TM floats each have the capacity to float 2,100 lbs for a combined capacity of 37,800 lbs.

After the deck was completed, it was moved into the water where construction continued with the installation of a 31’ x 16” carport to create the enclosure that will become the living space with bedrooms, bath, living room and kitchen. The carport was placed to create a 6’ deep deck on the back of the platform and an 11’ deck on the front. The owner’s family assembled the structure.

Exterior walls and partitions were built using standard framing lumber with bracing. A metal roof and vertical aluminum siding were then installed. Aluminum windows finished the exterior of the house.

The floating home will be used for vacations including lots of hunting and fishing.

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