How to Insulate a Garage Door ?

How to insulate a garage door ?

Expanded polystyrene is the best material to use to insulate your garage doors. The installation process is easy, and it is relatively inexpensive when you factor in the energy savings benefit.

First measure the width, height and thickness of the panels you will need. Secondly call Universal Foam Products at 410-498-0000 for a quote.

The insulation panels will be kerfed (horizontal grooves cut into the panel) on the side that goes against the door, so you can bow the panel to easily install it into the horizontal channels on the door. The panels can either be plain EPS on the side facing in or they can be laminated with a washable surface.

Besides keeping your garage more comfortable, the EPS panels will also help deaden sound which is useful if you work with power tools or have a garage band.

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