Economical Material to Raise the Elevation of a Concrete Slab

EPS geofoam is the most efficient and economical material to raise the elevation of a concrete slab. Geofoam is lightweight and easy to work with. Weighing under 3 pounds per cubic foot, it does not require any compacting, substantially reducing labor costs and shortening the production schedule. It is easier to transport than sand or stone, making it ideal for interior renovations. With compression strengths ranging from 320 psf to 2,680 psf at 1% deformation, it is strong enough for almost any loading requirement. EPS geofoam from Universal Foam Products is manufactured and shipped direct to the job site from locations nationwide.

“The one thing I have found is that Universal is the one constant in our business. They seem to always deliver when I'm in a crunch and don't have the luxury of time. Thank you for all you do and rest assured Universal is a viable part of our business.”