How to Cut Geofoam / EPS Foam Using a Hot Wire Kit

The Geofoam Hotwire Kit is one of the most versatile tools for cutting EPS and EPS Geofoam in the field. As a two-person operation, cuts can be made up to 96” long with each person holding one of the handles provided. Straight or contour cuts can be made accurately by first marking both sides of the block. If it is necessary to make repetitious cuts such as slicing an inch off a dozen 24” blocks, a jig can be set up to secure the wire at the correct height between two wood or steel members and the EPS block can be slid under the wire making an accurate cut every time. Another method is to make a bow to secure the wire and set up a jig to slide the bow across to slice the foam.

The Geofoam Hotwire Kit comes with a Magnum to heat the wire, 2 handles with alligator clips and springs attached to secure a section of wire, a wiring assembly to connect everything together and a 100’ coil of nichrome wire. It takes just a couple of minutes to get set up and start cutting.

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