Marine Floatation

Frequently Asked Questions

Styrofoam is a blue polystyrene, produced by an extrusion process and trademarked by Dow. Expanded polystyrene is molded polystyrene puffed beads. Both products float approximately 60 pounds per cubic foot.

Expanded Polystyrene is less expansive than extruded polystyrene and is available in a large variety of sizes.

EPS floats can be secured either under the framing or between the framing members of a wood dock depending upon the desired results. The blocks can be attached with straps, nails or screws.

The EPS used for flotation weighs approximately one pound per cubic foot. A block 12” x 24” x 96” weighs less than 16 pounds.

Universal Foam Products ships EPS floats from locations throughout the United States to keep shipping costs as low as possible.