Dock Floats Using EPS

Dock Floats

12 blocks of .9lb Virgin EPS 16” x 48” x 48” were used to build this floating dock and swim platform in South Hadley, MA. Un-encapsulated EPS floats are less expensive than standard encapsulated dock floats and are commonly used on private lakes and ponds. On larger bodies of water under the control of private associations and government agencies, encapsulated floats are typically required. At Universal Foam Products we provide a variety of encapsulated top mount floats and flange mount floats as well as un-encapsulated EPS floats and Styrofoam Brand flotation billets.

“The one thing I have found is that Universal is the one constant in our business. They seem to always deliver when I'm in a crunch and don't have the luxury of time. Thank you for all you do and rest assured Universal is a viable part of our business.”