How to Rescue a Sinking Dock With EPS Foam

Rescue Sinking Dock With Eps Foam
Rescue Sinking Dock With Eps Foam

Over time, this floating dock in Spring Lake, Texas began to slowly sink. Raising a dock like this can be a problem without specialized equipment if the water is deep.

To resolve the issue and make the project doable without the use of any heavy equipment the owner purchased 60 blocks of .9 lb density EPS 10” x 10” x 60”. Since a cubic foot of .9 lb EPS will float 62.4 pounds, each of these blocks will float just under 217 pounds. Two men, weighing enough, can push that block under water and move it into place. Installing the blocks one at a time they gradually raised the floating platform enough to get it all out of the water. It probably was not a fun project, but they got the job done.

Expanded polystyrene is the material inside encapsulated floats and is also used as the sole flotation for docks and swim platforms on private lakes throughout the country. Shipping from locations nationwide, we are local to almost everywhere.

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