Swimming Pool Fill Material

When it becomes necessary to close in a swimming pool to make better use of space, EPS Geofoam is the perfect fill material to use. EPS Geofoam is lightweight and strong. It can be delivered in large blocks and sheets and can also be pre-cut and tapered based on the requirements of the specific project.

This hotel pool area in Arlington, Virginia could better be used for a different purpose so Universal Foam Products provided EPS19 Geofoam in tapered pieces and flat blocks (some precut) to make installation as easy as possible. EPS is always the fill material of choice when weight is a factor such as pools on upper levels in hotel and condominium projects.

When in-ground pools are infilled, EPS is used because it’s high compression strength greatly reduces the chance of uneven settling that can occur with organic fills.

“The one thing I have found is that Universal is the one constant in our business. They seem to always deliver when I'm in a crunch and don't have the luxury of time. Thank you for all you do and rest assured Universal is a viable part of our business.”