Swimming Pool Lightweight Infill Material

What is the best way to infill a swimming pool no longer needed in a multistory apartment building or a high-rise condominium? It cannot be filled with stone or sand because the additional weight would over stress the structural integrity of the space. EPS geofoam is the answer.

The density of the EPS geofoam to be used will be determined by the new application of the space. With densities ranging from under 1 lb per cubic foot to 3 lbs per cubic foot, there is a correct density for any application.

If the pool has a tapered bottom, tapered pieces of geofoam can be provided to install first to create a level area. Once the space is level rectangular blocks up to 36” thick can be installed to finish filling the space. Any small gaps between pieces on the top layer can be filled with EPS scraps, sand or foaming adhesive.

EPS geofoam pieces up to about 6” thick can be cleanly cut with a reciprocating saw with a metal cutting blade. Pieces from 6” to 10” thick can be cut with a battery operated hot knife with a 10” blade. For pieces over 10” thick, either a Hotwire Bow Cutter or a Geofoam Hotwire Kit should be used. When the last blocks are installed, the woven wire is installed, and the concrete slab poured directly onto the EPS geofoam.

EPS blocks are lightweight and easy to carry and maneuver on an elevator. They are clean and easy to work with making them the ideal material for any interior infill projects such as raising recessed lobbies and fill to limit the weight in large planters.


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