EPS 12 Geofoam Low Cost, Light Weight Void Fill Material

EPS Geofoam is a low cost light weight void fill material that is specified in construction for three primary applications.

1. Building on poor soil conditions.
When a structure or roadway is to be constructed on soil that cannot support the additional load of the project, the underlying soil can be replaced with EPS Geofoam, weighing up to 100 times less than the weight of the material being removed, making the net additional load of the project the same as or less than the material being removed.

2. Raising the floor elevation in an existing structure.
When occupancy requirements change and elevations need to be modified such as converting a movie theater with a sloped floor to retail space, or raising a recessed lobby, or infilling a swimming pool EPS Geofoam is easy to work with and limits the amount of additional weight added to the structural floor below. EPS Geofoam is also used to create the tiered seating in most new movie theaters built today.

3. Reducing pressure on a vertical wall.
When constructing a retaining wall, or filling against a foundation, or filling against an existing interior wall, EPS Geofoam is used to either greatly reduce the lateral pressure applied by other fill materials or eliminating it all together.

The design professionals for the new Cole Field House practice field at the University of Maryland in College Park needed to fill the void between the structural outer walls and the inner walls facing the field. EPS12 Geofoam was selected due to its light weight, compression strength and low cost. Universal Foam Products provided 3,758 cubic yards of EPS12 Geofoam, precut in various sizes, to minimize cutting on site. The use of the Geofoam eliminated lateral pressure on both walls, which would have been substantial with other fill materials.

EPS Geofoam can be used for many other applications requiring a lightweight material with high compression strength. Contact Universal for your next project. Shipping from over 60 locations we are local to almost everywhere.

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