EPS 12 Geofoam Used to Create the Slope, Stairways & Raised Platform on Handicap Ramps

EPS12 Geofoam was used as lightweight void fill for the $7.9 million renovation of Friley Residence Hall at Iowa State University. Since excessive stress on existing structural components is always a concern with renovation projects above the ground floor, EPS Geofoam is typically called for to fill spaces that would otherwise contain heavier fill materials weighing 100 lbs to 150 lbs per cubic foot. For the Friley Hall renovation, the architect specified EPS12 geofoam which is the lightest geofoam product and lightest fill material available. Weighing just .7 lbs per cubic foot, EPS12 geofoam has a compression strength of 2.2 psi at 1% deformation and 5.8 psi at 10% deformation. It was used to create the slope on handicap ramps, the multiple levels for stairways and several raised platforms. All of the EPS was cut in the factory an delivered ready to install. EPS geofoam is extremely lightweight and can be easily installed by any labor force.

Higher densities of geofoam are available up to 2.85 lbs per cubic foot with compression strengths to 18.6 psi at 1% deformation and are used in under-slab applications as well as the construction of bridges and highways. Another geofoam application is form liners for concrete work where the project requires rounded or multi-faceted shapes such as bridge supports, arches and columns.

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