Expanded Polystyrene Used to Create Synthetic Turf Lawn

The National Building Museum in Washington, DC had 4 days to set up an
exhibit called 2019 Summer Block Party. Lawn, a part of the exhibit, was
an immersive installation taking up the Museum’s Great Hall.

Universal Foam Products worked with the museum to design large ridges
made from 1.8 lb density EPS and running the width of the exhibit to
replicate a contoured sloped lawn. The staff had 4 days to close the
museum and install the new exhibit. Preplanning the bump layout and
installation method alongside their design team quickened the
installation. A double sided removable tape manufactured by Incrediseal
was used to hold the EPS in place. Synthetic turf was the final finish.

“Thank you for all of your help. You have great customer service.”