Expanded Polystyrene Used in Concrete Structure Demolition

When a multilevel concrete structures is demolished, care must be taken to minimize or eliminate the damage to lower levels of the building from falling debris. Creating a shock absorbing pad is one way to do that. Installing ¾” plywood over 2” thick sheets of .9 lb Recycled EPS has proven to be an effective shock absorbing pad for these situations.
For the demolition of the plaza level of this parking garage in Crystal City, Virginia, the contractor used a demolition robot to remove the plaza level floors from below. The demolition robot is able to remove large chunks of concrete and rebar with the machine operator out of harms way from falling debris which lands on the pad, created by the placing ¾” plywood over a 2” layer of .9 lb recycled EPS, helped limit the force of the falling concrete on the floor below. Bobcats and backhoes were used to haul the concrete & rebar to construction dumpsters.
EPS sheets are available in just about any thickness and in a variety of densities to handle any size project.

“Thank you for doing such a great job at getting our foam here on time and at a great price.”