EPS Geofoam Was Used to Create the Floor Elevation

EPS39 Geofoam was specified for this major renovation project at the University of Texas, Cockrell School of Engineering. 15,000 cubic feet of EPS Geofoam was used to create the floor elevation change between two areas of the building using a combination of handicap ramps and steps. Most of the Geofoam was delivered pre-cut and tapered for the ramps.

Universal Foam Products Leave-In-Place Riser Form System was used to form up the steps. The advantage of the LIP Riser Form System over conventional forms is that it allows the contractor to set up and pour all tiers on the same day instead of having to pour every other tier one day and the alternating tiers the next, cutting the time required for a pump truck in half.

EPS Geofoam is available in a range of densities suitable for almost any void fill project. Universal Foam Products ships EPS Geofoam from locations throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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