EPS15 Geofoam Were Used as Lightweight Fill

Kennedy Row, Green Roof Project

Blocks of EPS15 Geofoam

Used as lightweight fill


Kennedy Row, a 142-Unit Luxury Apartment Community with 2-Story Underground Parking in Washington, DC called for a green roof above the parking structure. Blocks of EPS15 geofoam were used as lightweight fill to build up the elevation prior to planting. The EPS15 geofoam weighs less than 1 lb per cubic foot and has a compression strength of 3.6 psi, to easily handle the dead and live loads imposed by the plantings and pedestrian traffic. The end result is a beautiful park like setting.

“We greatly appreciate Universal Foam Products' service and pricing. The material has always been delivered quickly and in excellent condition. It is nice to know that there are still companies in our industry that can offer a reliable product, great customer service, and low prices.”