Geofoam to Fill Part of the Atrium

When space in a hotel, apartment or office complex needs to be repurposed and there is a void to fill, EPS geofoam is the perfect material for the project. It is strong, lightweight, and easy to install.

For this office building at 3310 West End Blvd. in Nashville, Tennessee, the architect specified EPS22 geofoam to fill part of the atrium space previously occupied by sunken planters. Since the exact dimensions were known, the material was provided in precut blocks and sheets 33” thick to fill the space, requiring very little trimming on site. Installation of the geofoam did not require any heavy or noisy equipment. The blocks were brought into the space and installed completely by hand. The EPS22 weighs just 1.35 pounds per cubic foot. The largest blocks were 33” x 48” x 96” weighing 119 pounds. They could be easily set in place by two people. EPS22 geofoam has a compression strength of 1,050 pounds per cubic foot (7.3 psi) at 1% deformation, which exceeds the design requirements for lobby and assembly space.

Other similar applications for geofoam are the conversion of indoor and upper level swimming pools, tenant space modifications, sunken lobby and theater conversions. EPS geofoam is clean and easy to work with and can be installed without the use of heavy equipment. It ships from locations throughout the US

“Thank you for the outstanding service and prompt fabrication of my foam donuts. Your company and facility are top notch.”