Custom Lightweight Void Fill for Planters

This homeowner in Wellesley, Massachusetts needed a light weight material to fill the bottom portion of their custom made planters. The planters, located on their upper story deck were designed to provide privacy, but filling them with dirt or gravel would have made them too heavy. The logical solution was to fill all but the top portion of the planter with light weigh expanded polystyrene (EPS). The EPS blocks weighed less than 1 lb per cubic foot. They were delivered precut to size so they could be inserted into the planters with no additional cutting. EPS is the same material used as void fill in commercial and civil construction projects and will last as long as the planters are there.

“We greatly appreciate Universal Foam Products' service and pricing. The material has always been delivered quickly and in excellent condition. It is nice to know that there are still companies in our industry that can offer a reliable product, great customer service, and low prices.”