Lightweight Fill Used in Marriott Hotel Indoor Pool

EPS geofoam is the lightest fill material available. Its strength to weight ratio makes it unique among all fill materials. It is also the only void fill material that is installed in blocks and sheets instead of a granular composition like stone, earth or sand.

When Marriott Hotels in Jacksonville, Florida decided to repurpose the space where their indoor pool was located on an upper level of the hotel, the architect chose EPS geofoam for the project. The geofoam, weighing less than 1 pound per cubic foot was delivered to the site pre-tapered and pre-cut to size allowing for installation to move very quickly. Since there is no tamping or heavy equipment required to move the EPS blocks around, most of the renovation process was very quiet so hotel guests were not disturbed.

Although the EPS15 geofoam is very lightweight, it is also incredibly strong. Having a compression strength of 520 lbs per square foot at 1% deformation, it provided a safety factor of 3 when combining the dead load and live load code requirements.

EPS geofoam is available throughout the United States and Canada from Universal Foam Products, making us local to almost everywhere.

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