Best Lightweight Void Fill Material

Best Lightweight Void Fill Material

EPS Geofoam is the most commonly used material when a lightweight void fill is needed. Expanded polystyrene weighs from just under 1 pound per cubic foot to 3 pounds per cubic foot and has a very high compression strength. The EPS 15 Geofoam, which is the most commonly used interior void fill weighs just .9 lbs per cubic foot and has a compression strength of 520 lbs per cubic foot (3.6 psi) at 1% deformation as tested per ASTM D6817. The EPS19 Geofoam, which was selected to fill this indoor pool in Alexandria, VA weighs 1.15 lbs per cubic foot and has a compression strength of 840 lbs per cubic foot (5.8 psi) at 1% deformation per ASTM D6817.

Why is EPS Geofoam the material of choice for void fill?

  • Predictable and verifiable compression strength

  • No compacting required

  • Light weight. Less than 2% of the weight of other void fill materials. When filling an indoor pool, the net load on the existing slab is less than that of the existing pool with water. Water weighs 62.427 pounds per cubic foot. EPS weighs between .7 lbs and 3 lbs per cubic foot.

  • Clean and easy to handle making it ideal for interior projects in hotels and commercial settings that need to continue “business as usual” during construction. 96 cubic foot blocks can be transported on freight elevators without disrupting customers.

  • Can be delivered precut or easily cut on site using conventional tools or hot wire and hot knife tools designed for EPS. Geofoam panels can be tapered at the factory and delivered ready to install.
    Economical. When total project costs are evaluated including delivery to the point of use, business down time due to construction, labor, and material costs, EPS compares favorably with most void fill materials.

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