Complex Concrete Block-Outs

EPS Foam Concrete Block
EPS Foam Concrete Block

For complex concrete block-outs and concrete forms, EPS (expanded
polystyrene) is often the best solution. For this bridge project in
Redding, California the contractor needed 17 very complex round-to-oval,
teardrop block-outs to form openings in the bridge walls. After
evaluating the cost of EPS, wood and steel block-outs, EPS was the
obvious choice. The block-out forms were produced from 1.8 lb density EPS and shipped to the jobsite ready to install. EPS is very lightweight
making it a very easy product to work with onsite. These particular
forms weighed under 20 pounds each.

Universal Foam Products ships from locations throughout the United States and Canada. We have provided complex concrete block-outs and form liners from coast to coast and have a patented system for attaching the EPS block-outs to a contractor’s straight forms, which reduces the cost of the forms and the installation time on site. Please contact us to quote forms or block-outs for your next project.

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