Economical Way to Create Complex Concrete Forms

EPS Concrete Form Liner for Spa
EPS Concrete Form Liner for Spa

In the past, complex concrete forms have been fabricated of wood or
steel. Both materials have worked but have the same drawbacks. They are
very heavy and very expensive. Over the past few years, forms made from
(expanded polystyrene) have become more and more popular, but they
also had a drawback. There wasn’t a good way to attached them to a
contractor’s straight forms. They either had to be glued to the
contractors forms or they had to have plywood glued to them so the
plywood could be secured to the contractors forms. Universal Foam
Products has solved this problem with a patented attaching system
allowing our
form liners to be easily attached to the contractor’s
straight forms at a very low cost.

This spa form for a project in Surfside Florida was produced in Florida
and shipped to the jobsite in several pieces. The form is a perfect
match of the architect’s design.
form liners are used for everything
from columns to architectural features

“The order was received as ordered in great shape. Thanks for the great service.”