EPS15 Geofoam to Fill Hydro Pool

Football Stadium Hydrotherapy Pool

The original design for this project at the Keenan Football Center, University of North Carolina in Chapel Hills, North Carolina, was to remove an existing in-ground hydrotherapy pool, then pour retaining walls and an elevated 12” slab to build a new pool. Due to a short timeframe and the logistics of getting materials in and through the facility, the plan was revised by the contractor to use EPS15 Geofoam to fill the area and install an above ground hydro pool. The change presented a big savings in time and money which the customer greatly appreciated. When the idea was presented to the structural engineer he did not hesitate to jump on board.

Just under 1,300 cubic feet of EPS15 Geofoam was used to fill the existing void. Weighing just .9 lbs per cubic foot with a compressive strength of 3.6 psi at 1% deformation, the geofoam was the perfect material for the job. The three big advantages of working with EPS Geofoam for in-door projects is that it is lightweight, it is clean, and it does not require any tamping. The blocks can be moved by hand, eliminating the need for heavy equipment. Unlike dirt and stone fill, EPS is shipped in blocks making if fast to install.

Football Stadium Pool Void Fill

“Thanks again for the excellent service. Your product knowledge made my job so much easier on this project.”