EPS Foam Used to Create Realistic Rock Formation

When you need rocks for a hardscape project but don’t want the weight, expanded polystyrene is an excellent choice. The contractor for this beautiful pool and outside entertainment area in Scott, Louisiana used multiple blocks of .9 lb density EPS ranging from 3’ x 3’ x 5’ all the way up to 3’ x 4’ x 12’ to create these very realistic looking rock formations. EPS rocks, when produced by a skilled craftsmen look no different than real rock formations, but have a fraction of the weight, eliminating settlement over time. The coatings that are available are extremely durable. One of the greatest advantages of using EPS over real stone is that you can cut the EPS to be exactly the shape and size you need. Not so easy to do with real stone. Because the EPS is lightweight, most , if not all of the rocks can be placed by hand.

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