EPS 29 Specifications & Applications

Description EPS29 is a low density EPS Geofoam weighing just 1.80 pounds per cubic foot (28.8 kg/M3)
Specifications EPS29 Geofoam has a Compressive Resistance of 10.9 psi (75 kPa) at 1% deformation.
Best Used For The most commmonly used geofoam under slabs with heavier load requirements such as private garages and warehouse. Often used in residential slab construction when hydronic heat is used. The construction of roadways and retaining walls. Concrete forms made of EPS29 can withstand a concrete pour height of 8' to 10' with no deformation depending upon rate of pour. Often used as void fill in green roof construction.
Avoid Using For Do not use where combined loads will exceed 1570 pounds per square foot with a safety factor applied.

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