Secant Pile Wall Foundation Construction

Secant Pile Walls Foundation Construction

Secant pile walls and foundations have several advantages over other more conventionally constructed foundation systems.
1. Secant pile walls can be placed very close to property lines and existing structures.*
Since the secant foundation is a true vertical construction method, there is no need to excavate a wide area to install the foundation. Secant pile foundations are drilled straight down and very little area is disturbed except for where the wall itself is being placed.

2. Secant pile foundations are waterproof.
Because the secant wall is made up of overlapping cylindrical piles the finished product is ideal for use in areas where wet soil conditions exist. Although secant pile foundations are usually used to keep water out, in the case of this project in Washington state, the secant foundation was chosen due to its ability to keep water in to create a huge “fish tank” as part of the Cle Elum Dam Fish Passage Facilities. The elliptical shaped area enclosed by the secant walls measures 120’ x 90’ and the secant walls are drilled 119‘ deep.

3. Secant pile foundations can be constructed in most soil conditions.
Secant foundations have been installed in sites ranging from high moisture content to extremely rocky with minimal disturbance to the surrounding area. 4. Secant pile foundations can be very deep. In San Francisco, the 55 story 181 Freemont building is constructed on a secant pile foundation that is over 260’ deep and it sits on a site that measures just 140’ x 140’.

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