Secant Pile Foundation System

Secant Pile Foundation System
Secant Pile Foundation System

This secant wall project in Chicago enclosed and area 250’ x 330’. The
secant pile foundation system was selected due to the close proximity to
property lines and existing structures that would have made excavating a
standard foundation impossible. The project consisted of 479 cylindrical
forms that were produced in triples, doubles and single cylinders making
installation go faster. The individual forms were 36” in diameter and
24” deep.

Universal Foam Products is the industry leader in secant forms and
provides EPS forms throughout the United States and Canada shipping from
dozens of locations nationwide. Over the years we have developed
numerous design enhancements that make our forms install fast and with
greater accuracy.
Secant Pile Cynlindrical Forms
Secant Pile Cynlindrical Forms

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