Pole Barn or Pole Building Insulation

How you insulate a pole building or pole barn will be determined in part by the use of the building. This trucking company in Amelia, Virginia needed a large open space to service semis and trailers. For insulation he wanted just enough R-Value to reduce the intensity of the sun in the summer and take the edge off the cold in the winter. He decided on 1-1/2″ thick 1 lb. density expanded polystyrene panels with an R-Value of 5.75.

Universal Foam Products provided EPS panels 48″ wide x 144″ long. These dimensions matched the framing pattern of the walls and roof and reduced installation time. The insulation panels were installed under the concrete slab, on the roof and the walls under the metal roofing and siding.

Using EPS insulation eliminates mildew issues that can be associated with fiberglass insulation when it gets wet. The EPS insulation will absorb little moisture and dries out very quickly. Since the EPS panels are white they also reflect light, making the space much brighter. For this application EPS provides the most economical installed R-Value available.

“Thank you for doing such a great job at getting our foam here on time and at a great price.”