Insulating a Log Cabin

Insulating Log Cabin

Insulating a Log Cabin

Log cabins are charming and rustic, but they can also be very drafty if not properly insulated. This owner/builder in Elberton Georgia used 2" thick strips of .9 lb density EPS to chink in between the logs after the basic structure was erected. The EPS doubles as draft protection and insulation with an R-Value of 3.85 per inch. The final step is to trowel on a flexible coating that creates a permanent seal and will move as the logs move over time.

Universal also provides "nail base" panels; EPS with 7/16" OSB laminated to one side, for roof insulation for log cabins. The nail base is installed directly on top of the T&G boards that make up the ceiling of cabin and the OSB is the nail base for the finished roofing.

Insulating Log Cabin Chinking Method

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