Economical Way to Insulate the Roof of a Metal Building

The most economical way to insulate the roof of a metal building is expanded polystyrene insulation. EPS with a nominal density of one pound per cubic foot is the most economical R-Value available. At R-3.85 per inch, it has the same R-Value as fiberglass insulation.

Our customer in Columbus Mississippi wanted an economical insulation that would be easy to install. Universal Foam Products provided 75 sheets of 2” x 48” x 60” EPS with an R-Value of 7.7. The panels were precut to 60” long so they would fit between the I-Beams that framed the roof. An added benefit of the EPS insulation is that its white color makes the interior space brighter.

EPS is used to insulate the roofs, ceilings and wall of metal buildings and pole bars. Panels can be provided any thickness, achieving any desired R-Value. and precut so they fit between joists, studs, purlins and rafters with minimum cutting required in the field.

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