Highrise Pool Construction

What is the best fill for constructing a pool in a high-rise building?

When a swimming pool contractor is asked to bid on a pool in a high-rise apartment or condominium, typically construction is more than 50% complete and the basic “tub” where the pool is to be located is already complete. The tub or vault, as it is also called is usually formed larger than the required pool and has a flat bottom. Since weight is always a consideration, the best material to use to create the final shape of the pool is EPS Geofoam. It is extremely light weight and is available custom cut to create the bottom slope speeding up construction. Steps and tanning shelves can also be provided precut. Gunite is applied directly to the EPS.

EPS Geofoam weighs one to two pounds a cubic foot, a fraction of the weight of conventional fill materials such as gravel or sand. The lightweight sheets and blocks can be placed by hand and are easy to get from the ground to the pool location. This pool in Orlando Florida is one of many around the country that have been built using EPS Geofoam for light weight void fill supplied by Universal Foam Products. We ship from over 100 location in the US and Canada.

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