Foam Flute Fillers

Foam flute fillers made of recycled expanded polystyrene (EPS) are used to fill the flutes of the steel bridge decking in many parts of the country. By filling the corrugations in the deck with EPS flute fillers it makes the bridge lighter without effecting the structural integrity of the reinforced concrete. Universal Foam Products is the primary supplier of EPS flute fillers to bridge deck manufacturers throughout the country. EPS flute fillers are also used in commercial roofing to fill the large flutes of steel roof decking. This adds to the insulation in the roof and also creates a flat surface for walking and applying additional rigid insulation.

Another type of flute filler is used where steel roof decking overhangs a wall and plugs are needed to fill the voids where the decking is exposed to the exterior. In this application, short polyethylene flute fillers are used to block the intrusion of birds and other small animals into the building.

“Universal Foam Products was our Geofoam supplier for a stadium seating project in New Orleans. The material was delivered on time and cut to size. We installed the project in less than 3 hours with a 4 man crew without cutting a single piece of foam. We look forward to doing more projects with your company in the future.”