Raised Floor With EPS Geofoam

Raised Floor with EPS Geofoam

Over 400 precut pieces making up 27 unique shapes of EPS15 Geofoam were provided by Universal Foam Products, along with our steel Leave-In-Place Riser Form System, to create a 17” high raised floor in this bowling alley in Bakersfield, CA. Because each EPS piece was precut and labeled, a minimum of field cutting was required on site.

The steel riser form system, developed by Universal Foam Products to create the tiered seating in theaters and lecture halls, was used to expedite the construction process. The steel forms can be provided straight or curved to meet the design requirements of the project.

“The one thing I have found is that Universal is the one constant in our business. They seem to always deliver when I'm in a crunch and don't have the luxury of time. Thank you for all you do and rest assured Universal is a viable part of our business.”