Extruded Polystyrene Cold Storage Insulation

R22 EPS Insulation

This Kroger store in Atlanta, Georgia has 55,000 square feet of well
insulated floor combining retail space and cold storage. The R-22.5
insulation value was accomplished by installing a layer of 1-1/2″
Foamular 600 and a layer of 3″ Foamular 600. The 60 psi (8,640 psf)
floor load design is dense enough to handle large forklift traffic and
heavy storage shelving. Extruded polystyrene has an R-value of 5 per
inch regardless of the manufacturer, density or compression strength.
The most widely used compression strengths are 25 psi, 40 psi and 60
psi. It is available up to 100 psi.
Cold Storage Insulation
EPS Cold Storage Insulation

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