EPS Geofoam Used to Fill in Large Voids That Were Left When Heating Oil Tanks Were Removed

Void Fill for Removed Oil Tank

EPS 29 Geofoam has a compression strength of 1,570 pounds per square foot at 1% deformation. For this project it is being used to fill in large voids that were left when heating oil tanks were removed from this commercial building in New York City. The work is part of a commercial to residential conversion project. Over 65 Geofoam blocks were pre-cut at the factory and provided to the site with a placement drawing to expedite installation, saving time and reducing labor costs. EPS Geofoam is the preferred structural void fill for interior spaces for several reasons.

  1. It is lightweight and easy to handle. Geofoam blocks can be carried on freight elevators.

  2. It is much cleaner than alternative fills such as dirt, sand and stone.

  3. It is delivered in blocks and panels and does not require any compaction, saving time, labor and reducing noise.

  4. It installs faster. For smaller projects, blocks and sheets can be delivered precut in most situations so they can be installed with little or no cutting on site.

EPS 29 Geofoam Void Fill for Commercial Building

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