DIY Retaining Wall With Geofoam

DIY Retaining Wall with Geofoam

Our customer in Sammamish, Washington had a bad experience when he built a retaining wall several years ago. The pressure from the back-fill eventually pushed the wall out and collapsed it over time. When he decided to rebuild the wall, he wanted a better option. After some investigation online he determined that EPS geofoam was the correct material to use.

One of the main uses of expanded polystyrene in construction is as lightweight void fill called geofoam. It is used in highway, bridge and retaining wall projects because of its light weight, stability, strength, and ease of installation. When used properly behind a retaining wall, is reduces or completely eliminates lateral pressure on the wall. The EPS15 geofoam was delivered in 10 precut blocks ranging form 8” x 12” x 48” to 8” x 30” x 96” to eliminate the need for any cutting on site. The heaviest block weighed just 12 pounds. The geofoam blocks were stacked behind the wall with some earth placed behind the geofoam blocks. The final step was placing mulch on top of the foam.

From our customer “The wall was intended to protect my shed from erosion and provide access to the back of the shed. I found your product recently and thought it would be an ideal solution for me. The EPS product was easy to install and extremely lightweight. You’ve solved my problem.”

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