Most Economical Rigid Insulation

EPS Foam Rigid Insulation R Value r10

Most Economical Rigid Iinsulation

After working with Universal Foam on the Vancouver Waterfront Grant St Pier project, the contractor turned to Universal Foam when it came time to insulate his own new home in Vancouver, Washington. Using 2-5/8” thick sheets of .9 lb EPS, he each achieved the required R10 at a much lower cost than would have been possible with extruded polystyrene.

9 lb density EPS has an R-Value of 3.85 per inch, so to achieve the

R-10 required for this project, Universal provided sheets 2-5/8” thick. One of the advantages of EPS is that it can be cut to any thickness to match the R-Value of any other insulation material, but at a much lower cost.

The EPS for this project was about half the cost of extruded polystyrene.

Economic Rigid Insulation

“Thanks again for the excellent service. Your product knowledge made my job so much easier on this project.”