Geofoam Green Roof

86 pieces of ESP15 Geofoam 6” x 48” x 96” were used to create this green roof at State University of New York in Cobleskill, NY.  The lightweight geofoam blocks weigh just 16 pounds each and are easily set in place.  The additional thermal resistance they add to the roof is substantial and the completed green roof improves air quality and reduces the urban heat island effect.

EPS Geofoam is a key ingredient in green roof construction providing the most economical way to create light weight contours and built up areas.

The main advantages that EPS Geofoam has over extruded polystyrene are:

Material cost savings – EPS Geofoam is substantially less expensive than extruded polystyrene.

Labor savings – EPS Geofoam is available in large blocks as opposed to 2” to 4” thicknesses of extruded polystyrene sheets, greatly reducing the time of installation.

LEED Points – Our EPS Geofoam ships from manufacturing facilities located throughout the United States whereas there are far fewer extruded polystyrene manufacturing facilities.

Water Absorption – The literature says one thing but field tests conducted by the EPS Industry Alliance show that EPS Geofoam actually has a lower water absorption rate than extruded polystyrene.

Options – EPS Geofoam is available in densities ranging from 5.8 psi to 50 psi @ 10% deformation, with additional data at 5% and 1% deformation. EPS is also available in a full 3 lb density with a compression strength of 60 psi.

Contoured and Tapered Cuts – EPS Geofoam can be delivered to the job site precut into just about any two dimensional shape further reducing installation time.

Be sure to consider EPS Geofoam when designing your next green roof project or the next time you need light weight fill for any other application.

“Universal Foam Products was our Geofoam supplier for a stadium seating project in New Orleans. The material was delivered on time and cut to size. We installed the project in less than 3 hours with a 4 man crew without cutting a single piece of foam. We look forward to doing more projects with your company in the future.”