EPS Blocks

Frequently Asked Questions

EPS foam blocks are produced in a large mold, ranging in size from 3’ x 4’ x 16’ up to 4’ x 6’ x 24’ depending upon the facility. The blocks are then cut using a computerized hot wire machine to the desired sizes.

Expanded polystyrene blocks are produced in densities ranging from .7 pounds per cubic foot up to 3 pounds per cubic foot. Higher densities are available for special applications.

Expanded polystyrene with a density of .9 pounds per cubic foot has a compression strength of 520 pounds per square foot at 1% deformation. A 200 pound man standing on a block of .9 lb density EPS will usually not leave an impression. A 2.8 pound per cubic foot density block of EPS has a compression strength of 2,680 pounds per square foot at 1% deformation.

Expanded polystyrene has a very low water absorption level. Depending upon density it ranges from 2% to 4% if totally submerged.

EPS blocks float approximately 60 pounds of weight per cubic foot. EPS is used in most commercially available dock floats and is used unencapsulated in ponds and lakes throughout the country. A 4’ x 8’ x 12” thick block of EPS will float 960 pounds with half of the block out of the water.