EPS Foam Panel Used as Cushioning for Heavy Precast Concrete Panels

EPS panels and blocks provide cushioning for heavy precast concrete panels during storage and transport. Expanded polystyrene is available in densities ranging from under 1 lb per cubic foot to 3 lbs per cubic foot with compression strengths up to 60 pounds per square inch at 10 percent deformation. This precast manufacturer in DeBary, FL purchased 1x3x5 pads and 2x2x96 strips of .9 lb density EPS, one of the lightest densities available, to help cushion and protect their panels during storage and shipping. Even though the panels compressed substantially in certain areas, they still protected the panels.

EPS blocks are used in shipping a variety of items from finished architectural pieces to stacked utility trailer chassis. Contact Universal Foam Products at 410-498-0000 to assist you. We ship EPS products from over 80 locations in the US and Canada.

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