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Geofoam Applications Case Studies, Geofoam Research Center, Syracuse University.

EPS geofoam is a lightweight, rigid foam material that has been used around the world as lightweight fill, compressible inclusions, thermal insulation, and drainage. EPS geofoam is approximately 100 times lighter than most soil and at least 20 to 30 times lighter than other lightweight fill alternatives. The following are common geofoam application concepts.

Embankment Stabilization – Jewett County, NY

After several attempts failed to halt the embankment deterioration the option of replacing the soil with EPS geofoam in the upper portion of the embankment was determined to be the best solution. The link below shows how that was accomplished.

Geofoam Embankment Stabilization

Case Study & Photos

Slope Stabilization – Durango, CO

The embankment alignment intercepts surface runoff along a valley slope. The cause of sliding is attributed to be increased driving mass due to a rising water table. 550 cubic meters of geofoam was installed in 6 weeks saving hundreds of thousands of dollars

Geofoam Slope Stabilization

Case Study & Photos

Highway Landslide Prevention - Bayfield County, Wisconsin

Differential Icing and buoyancy were both considerations in the design of this highway slope stabilization project.

Geofoam Highway Landslide Prevention

Case Study & Photos

Geofoam Fill – Syracuse, NY

EPS geofoam was used as lightweight void fill to compensate for poor soil conditions in the construction of this multi-story shopping mall.

Geofoam Fill

Case Study & Photos

Parking Garage Ramp – Renton, WA

Several different alternatives were considered before EPS geofoam was determined to be the best solution in the construction of this parking garage ramp over poor soil conditions.

Geofoam Parking Garage Ramp

Case Study & Photos

Interstate Highway Construction – Salt Lake City, UT

EPS Geofoam resolved a variety of construction issues in the construction of this section of Interstate 15; one of the largest applications of EPS Geofoam in the country.

Geofoam Interstate Highway Construction

Case Study & Photos

Expressway Interchange, Oahu, Hawaii

When encountered site conditions during construction proved to be worse than anticipated, it was determined that earth fill would not work to support this 21-meter-high interchange ramp.

Geofoam Express Highway Interchange

Case Study & Photos

Raised Levy - Grizzly Island Sloth, CA

Four weeks to solve a sinking levee problem by using EPS geofoam to lighten the weight of the levee, which in turn eliminated the settlement.

Geofoam Raised Levy

Case Study & Photos

New Bridge Construction - Issaquah, WA

Geofoam Saved the City of Issaquah, WA $1,200,000 and one year of construction time while solving a variety of construction issues in the construction of this bridge project.

Geofoam New Bridge Construction

Case Study & Photos

Rabbit Ears Pass, Colorado

Geofoam eliminated expensive annual repairs caused by frost heave to Interstate 70 in 1985.

Rabbit Ears Pass

Case Study & Photos

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